Safety Wireless Driveway Alarm Long Range Motion Sensor Detector Security Alert System

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Your home or property’s security is something that you should never neglect. Protecting what is yours is important, but it doesn’t need to be a tedious or intrusive process either.

Where To Buy Guardline Driveway Alarm

With the Safety Wireless Driveway Alarm, your home and property gets state-of-the-art long-range motion sensor technology security detection. For years these sorts of security systems were something reserved for only the rich and powerful, but now you can get high tech security for yourself and your family. Set it up at the start of a long driveway or wherever you see fit and feel at ease with this extremely reliable system. It won’t fail you at any time of the year!

How Do Driveway Alarms Work


Long Transmission And Detection Ranges: The motion sensors and receiver can receive alarm signals from up to hundreds of feet away, while the motion sensors will be triggered by anything within a 15-meter radius. This is super security!

Easy To Install: Powered by dry batteries, this security system requires no direct connection to power or wiring. Simply screw in the sensors wherever you desire for a quick and easy installation process.

Reliable Detection: This long-range security system is designed to not be easily triggered by false alarm scenarios, inclement weather or light interference. You get reliable security, not annoying security.

How To Make A Driveway Alarm


Home Security: Sleep better and worry less knowing that your home and property is now protected by superior motion sensor technology home security. It will be like a weight of your shoulders.

Easily Expandable Security: Expand your home or properties security (especially for larger areas) by adding more, fully compatible sensors. It’s the same quick and easy install process for each sensor added.

Adjustable Melodies And Volumes: The alarm melody and volume are easily adjustable. This is a great features for people who are hard of hearing or those with infants who sleep during the day.

How To Make A Homemade Driveway Alarm


  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 800m (Line Of Sight)
  • Sensor Detection Range: 15m (Highest Range) 10m (Low Range)
What Is A Driveway Alarm

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